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Settling In

For the first two days, it may be advisable to keep your new cat in a room of its own - a spare room or equivalent is ideal. This gives a new cat the security that he needs and will help the cat to get used to you and your home more quickly. Provide him with water, food, a litter tray and a warm bed. A cardboard box with a small hole cut in the side as an entrance will be fine to start with, or a cat igloo that has a covered top will help to make him feel secure. Place the bed in a warm draft free spot and put an old jumper inside. If the jumper smells of you it will help to start building the bond between you. (Cats have a very keen sense of smell, so it does not need to be really smelly!). Make sure all the windows and doors are shut and let him explore.

Spend as much time as you can with him during the next few days. By allowing your cat to settle in, you are giving him time to build up his relationship with you before he has to cope with all the anxieties associated with exploring new territory, and meeting other pets and humans. This is particularly necessary for timid or nervous cats, and it is also important if you have another pet cat, as cats are very territorial. By giving your new cat his own piece of territory, he will be able to establish himself with your first cat more quickly.

Another advantage is that your cat will quickly get into the habit of using his litter tray and does not immediately mess behind the sofa or in some other place. Starting off on the right foot is as important to the cat as it is to you. After a few days, begin to introduce your cat to the rest of the house, slowly, one room at a time. Open the door to his room and allow him to come out in his own time. Bolder cats will come out at once and immediately start exploring. Whereas the more timid ones will take longer. Try to be patient with the shy ones and not force them out as this will damage the trust that you have been building up the last few days.


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